This table lists my current personal records for various lifts, including the big 3 (barbell bench, squat, and deadlift). Unless I specify otherwise, these are all 1-rep-max attempts.

You can check out my YouTube channel for some videos of these lifts.

Barbell Bench Press 125 Kg 275 Lbs
Barbell Squat 170 Kg 375 Lbs
Barbell Deadlift (Conventional) 212.5 Kg 468 Lbs
Barbell Overhead Press 90 Kg 198 Lbs
Dumbbell Bench Press 50 Kg 110 Lbs
EZ-Bar Strict Curl 45 Kg 99 Lbs

Right now, my training is mainly geared towards improving my long-distance running performance, and a big part of that is reducing my bodyweight to make running easier. Because of that, all my current lifting stats are quite a bit below my PRs listed above, but that's just how it goes.


Occasionally, I get into (somewhat) long-distance running. Here's a list of some of my achievements in that area.

5k Personal Best
10k Personal Best
Best Distance21.49 Km

Below, I have a list of the races I have (and will) compete in, just to see how my competitive performance stacks up. For races that are coming up, I've marked their times as TBD, or "to be decided".

Note that these races may or may not be "official" in any sense of the word; they're just any organized running event that I've participated in, that I've remembered to record here.

Race Date Distance Time
Trot Thru the Terrace 2023-11-11 10 Km 55:47
Best Damn Race, Safety Harbor 2024-01-20 Half-Marathon 02:06:16
TPA 5K on the Runway 2024-04-06 5 Km 26:56