Active Web Projects

The following list of links will lead you to various subdomains of that host active projects that I'm running. Do note that there's no promise that anything will work as expected; they're my experimental projects.

All Projects

The following projects are a selection that I'm most proud of, or showcase some particular skill or challenge that was overcome. Please see my GitHub page for a full list of my publicly available projects.


A desktop personal finance application that makes it easy to manage your accounts and transactions in a secure manner.

I've been using it personally for a while, and it's where I do all my personal bookkeeping. Perfin allows you to record attachments with transactions, for saving receipts and invoices, as well as categorize and tag transactions. I've also added some neat charts to see what you're spending money on, and how your total assets value changes over time.

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An extremely barebones web application to demonstrate the viability of my own HTTP server. It's just your average ToDo list app, with basic JWT-based authentication.

If you want to try it out, click the link (this project's title) and create an account. Please avoid storing anything in LiteList that you want to keep secret, as I've not really taken all proper precautions to keep data 100% safe.

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Ace of Shades

A top-down 2D shooter game inspired by Ace of Spades, and was made as a submission the 2021 Java Discord server's Java Jam. Includes a dedicated server, client, and server registry application.

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Ace of Shades 2

A 3D first-person shooter designed as the successor to Ace of Shades. This was again made as a 2022 Java Discord Java Jam submission, but I continued to develop it well beyond that.

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An extremely lightweight and flexible HTTP server implemented in the D programming language. Below is an example of a "Hello world" server that just says "Hello" in response to any request.

                import handy_httpd;

                void main() {
                    HttpServer server = new HttpServer((ref ctx) {
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Movescript & Itemscript

Simple grammars for concisely defining robotic movement and inventory management for ComputerCraft robots in Minecraft.

Instead of doing this:

                local success = turtle.up()
                while not success do
                    success = turtle.up()

You can use Movescript to safely move using a simpler syntax:

                local ms = require("movescript")
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Rail Signal

API and web app for designing and managing rail systems, with real-time data updates via websockets. Originally designed for use with Minecraft and the Immersive Railroading mod, but practically can be used anywhere, as long as you've got the right device driver.

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A common logging interface for D projects, inspired by Java's SLF4J interfaces, but in an idiomatic D way. Any library can make use of SLF4D, while still letting the application developer decide how log messages are handled.

Here's an example of how it's used:

                import slf4d;

                void myFunction(int n) {
                    infoF!"Called myFunction with n = %d"(n);
                    for (int i = 0; i < n; i++) {
                        try {
                        } catch (Exception e) {
                            warn("Failed to do something risky.", e);
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A library that defines compile-time primitives and helper functions for working with streams of elements. A stream is anything which provides a readFromStream or writeToStream method. Also includes many stream implementations for things like files, sockets, chunked encoding, buffering, and more.

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A Java library for defining common protocol of binary messages to transmit over the network, similar to Protocol Buffers, but for pure Java applications, so it can take advantage of records and avoid code-generation.

This was my first Java project published to the Maven central repository!

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Coyote Credit

A web application for students to learn the basics of real-world stock trading through a simplified user interface and simulated accounts.

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